The most attractive windows, without writing any code The most attractive windows, without writing any code The user interface generator provided with WINDEV 9 is certainly the most powerful and easiest to use on the market. You'll easily create great custom applications. No knowledge of Windows is required. UIs are built visually (WYSIWYG), using the mouse. Better designed UIs greatly benefit companies using them: fast training, information easier to manage, etc. The WinDev editor enables you to easily create and modify all the objects that you will need to quickly build outstanding interfaces. formatted edit controls display controls (label) tabs scrolling lists combo box auto-fill combo box images animated images scrollbars graphical buttons (icons) animated graphical buttons text buttons On/Off buttons time-delayed buttons check boxes radio buttons, single column and multi column tables graphical lists tree view lists OLE controls ActiveX controls click areas spin buttons controls with fuzzy shadow sliders HTML controls icon bar geometrical shapes splitter view lists status bars Web camera Icon bars RTF ... MANAGER An attractive, efficient interface insures a better productivity for the end users. NEW 3D diagrams Transparent windows AAF TECHNOLOGY Automatic and assisted input Input masks Spell checker Persistence of control contents Custom windows Export to Word, Excel, XML, etc. MAIN POINTS Arguably the best user interface generator in the world Coming Soon! Complete Features of WinDev9.0

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